Disneyland – Day 2


The girls each bought their own autograph book, and so it became everyone’s mission (following the girls around) to hunt down and harass any disney character we could find and chase them like paparazzi.  Autographs and photos.  It was kind of fun, and the characters were quite fun and playful.  Lots of rides today.  Autotopia is a track for driving old go-carts and the both Lil & Jem were big enough to drive their own cars.  The cars are capped to go no faster than 10km/h or so, even down hill.  Awesome fun and the girls got photo drivers licenses.  The highlight of the day was most definitely the Disney World of Colour.  It is a spectacular display over the lake where they shoot mists of water up in the air and project colour lasers over it.  Sometimes they would project excerts from one of the Disney animation movies.  At times, they also threw huge flames up and we could feel the heat from 50 metres away!  It was set to music of course, extracts from the most famous songs in their movies and some classical arrangements of those songs.  It ended with amazing fireworks.  It is the most spectacular display I have ever seen.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to film it, but it was almost enough to bring a tear to your eye… almost!


  1. Jacob04-15-2011

    I’m excited to go there too, Lilly and Jemma.
    From Jacob

  2. Charlie04-19-2011

    wow! that looks magical! I love rainbows, its a shame you couldnt film it, especiallity if it almost (yeah right) made you cry!

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