Disneyland – Day 3


Last day at Disneyland – kind of sad really. We managed to do everything we wanted such as getting around to all of the rides we have been avoiding due to the 40+ minute wait-times. Today we used our Magic Morning pass, which lets you in one hour earlier than the park opening time. We turned up at 7am (yes, this meant a 5am start to get ready, have breaky and walk to Disneyland from our hotel) to be told that Magic Morning starts at 8am on weekdays! Bummer… Anyway, there were still a few hundred people there for Magic Morning but the wait times were still insignificant. We got about 6 or 7 rides in by 8:30am – pretty good. More autographs and pictures today along with lots of rides. A fun day on all accounts. We had Bert from Mary Poppins (not the original of course) come over and chat to us as we were taking a breather on a park bench in Main Street. He was so nice to talk to. He spoke to us about some caricatures we had done of Lil & Jem. He said he was a pretty good drawerer himself (being in character!). However, 20 minutes after the chat ended, he came back when Annie Lil & Jem went to the bathroom and gave us some hand-drawn pictures of Mickey and Donald for Lil & Jem which were fantastic. This was above and beyond and is a special gift. All of these little things add to the magic of Disneyland. As the day was coming to a close, we went back to California Adventure park for one last ride. The girls had seen the Grizzly River run a few days ago and really wanted a go. It is where you get in to a large round raft that has 6 seats in it and you are sent through some windy rapids and down a huge drop! AWESOME fun! The memories of this place will last a very long time!

  1. Susan04-15-2011

    WOW!!! You’ve really sold us on all this…. and you’ve only been there a week!!! You ought to be writing for a travel mag!!
    Only recognise 1 butt in photo one.
    Love the matching pink shirts. I too use that trick when out and about at crowd filled places. That way, you only need to look out for one BRIIIIIGGGGGHHT colour. (My boys are yet to agree to wearing hot pink tho….)
    Love you guys and so nice to read what you’ve been up to… and see your photos.

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