Hanging out in Orlando


Well after the 10:20pm arrival and lots of messing about, which included getting dropped off at the wrong hotel, we checked in at 1am and had a seven-11 dinner at 1:30am!  Nice.

The hotel we are staying at is not a traditional hotel.  It is 17 buildings of rooms scattered over 100 acres.  The roads are like a sick maze and we had to be taxied to our building/room.  You feel like a hamster or mouse looking for the cheese in a weird science experiment.  “Is it down this road?  No, maybe down this road”.

We were so wrecked from the travel day that we surfaced at around 11:30am on “Toozday” – no Harry Potter World today!  So we used the day for rest, laundry and swimming.  The hotel has 3 swimming pool sites (as you do).  Try walking from one to the other to check them out…  30 minutes later we find the right pool and have a great afternoon.Around 4:00 some dark clouds came over and by 4:30 they were threatening enough for the 4 life guards at the pool to execute an evacuation procedure.  I reckon they get excited when they have to do it because they would otherwise be board out of their brains telling kids to “stop running”, “move out of the way of the slide”, “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah”…

We bought Harry Potter tickets for tomorrow.  God willing it will workout then.

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