Home Bound


I’m writing this on the plane trip from New York to Los Angeles, where we switch from American Airlines (AA) to Qantas for the trip home.  This flight with AA actually has wireless Internet!  How awesome is that?  Surf, check email, blog, whatever… from 30,000 feet!  It wasn’t free and I didn’t really *need* it, but hey, it is pretty cool and I usually like to try stuff at least once, so why not?

I can’t believe we are at the end of the three-week trip.  We have had so much fun seeing this great country.   Each leg of the trip was really different and it gave us a great insight into different aspects of America.  The parts I enjoyed the most were the driving leg from L.A to Yosemite and back to San Francisco and of course, New York City.  We have crammed a lot of stuff into the 20 days but it was well worth it.  Although we are disappointed about the end of the trip, we are probably equally happy to be heading home.  Travelling with kids was completely different to the seven-week trip we did to Europe and the U.K. 13 years ago.  We are all quite tired and looking forward to sleeping in our own beds.  Besides, we have to get back to the farm of animals we seem to be collecting. Oscar will be ropable that we “abandoned” him for three weeks to be fed by our amazing neighbour Meg, who always watches our place and looks after the animals when we are away.

God willing, we will return to the U.S. and spend more time in each of our favourite places.  We could easily have spent the full three weeks in any one place.  At the top of the list for me is New York!

Thanks for following the trip.  Hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing and of course, experiencing!


  1. Susan04-30-2011

    Thanks for sharing the trip!!! Thoroughly enjoyed “following” you ’round. God willing, next time it’ll be in the FLESH 🙂 Love you all loads and loads XXX The Murrays

    • joozef04-30-2011

      Thanks Suzie. We miss those trips! Hopefully we can do them again some time.

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