Leaving L.A. for Fresno


We had a lot of fun in L.A.  The weather is fantastic, a little cool at night but sunny and around 21 degrees. We left L.A. for Fresno, a stop-over on the way to Yosemite National Park.

We dropped in to the beach to have a look on the way out.  It was just beautiful – and yes, we saw roller-bladers and cyclists and people walking dogs and all the stuff you see in the movies.  The beach was really wide and it had life-guard stations every 100 or so metres and they had a 4WD ute with a surf board strapped to the roof that they use to go around helping people and telling them off for doing the wrong thing.  Also found a nice message in the sand…

We filled up “gas” today.  I had one half of a tank left but we had a big drive ahead of us. I couldn’t get the petrol to flow and then someone helped me.  I had to pre-pay with an EFTPOS card that has a PIN.  If you don’t have one, you have to go inside and prepay with cash (no credit cards).  You have to estimate what you need and then they pre-approve the pump up to that amount.  I guess this saves them from drive-aways.  We filled up at $4.19/gallon ($1.12/litre) and the Americans are complaining about the price!

Leaving L.A on the freeway system was quite easy (with Annie navigating of course).  We saw two-near pile-ups on the freeway, both right next to us.  I have to tell you, traveling at 120km/h on a 7 lane freeway with cars going everywhere on the opposite side of the road and nearly getting sucked into two accidents can be a little unnerving!

When we had officially left L.A., we hit some really big mountain ranges – they were amazing.  The landscape changed so quickly – from course rocky mountains, to smooth dirt/rock mountains to lush green grass covered mountains.  Then all of a sudden,  we hit dead-flat plains!  We were then in agricultural country, and this is my favourite part of the trip.  Driving through rural America with country music playing on the radio.  We saw a lot of vineyards with rows of vines that were about 1 km wide and run the length of the property which could easily have been longer than 1 km.

We stopped at this hi-tech truck stop in Arvin for a break and some late lunch.  The whole place was well-kept and had amazingly clean toilets.  We heard this announcement over the P.A.:  “Attention professional drivers, shower number 10 is now free”.  Awesome!

The sunset was absolutely magnificant over the plains – you can see for miles and I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a sunset like that.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get photos – only video!


  1. Susan04-15-2011

    Annie, my love, it seems all those hours of self-navigation within the retail microcosm of C.Hill has served you well. You’ve managed to translate that skill to the 7 lane freeways of the US! Love you loads!! XX

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