More San Fran and travelling to Orlando


We got ready to fly to Orlando today.  One last quick zip around San Francisco whilst we still had the car.  We drove down to the end of Fisherman’s Wharf to the pier between Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was starting to drizzle and a fog had set in over the city.  The top of the bridge was covered in fog but that added to the beauty.  It really is a beautiful bay and we hope we can come back and spend some quality time here.

Driving to the airport the rain started.  It was an easy drive and I have to say, the navigator riding shotgun did an awesome job.  Have to give up the hire car today (snnnnf).  My favourite holidays usually involve driving.  Got to the airport there with plenty of time to check in and fix up seating allocation for our flights next week  but couldn’t find the place to return the car.  After ringing them, I found out that all rental car returns are 6 miles away from the airport.  So I dropped the girls off and drove off.  Not 1 minute out of the airport, I took a wrong turn (my navigator wasn’t with me – arrrrgh).  However, the road system is extremely forgiving and within a mile I was back on track.  Dropped the car off and took a mono-rail back to the terminal.  It is a great, quick and efficient system – very impressed.  Got back in plenty of time to do the check-in and seat allocation.  We got on to a A320 Airbus and managed to score Economy Plus seats with extra leg room.  Very nice – don’t need business class with this.

We arrived in Orlando at 10:20pm, as we have crossed two time zones and lost three hours.

God willing, we go to Harry Potter world tomorrow

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