R&R in Orlando


We’ve been on the go for a couple of weeks now.  We have been trying to maximise our opportunities whilst we’re here.  I mean, we’ve come all this way, we may as well try to see and do as much as we can.  Only hassle is we are starting to get tired.  Early mornings and long days at theme parks, travelling and of course, shopping are starting to wear us out.  So, today is R&R.  We got up late (10-11am), had brunch, and hung out at the pool.  Nice and relaxing.

We got to swim, see some squirrels and the girls got braids and hair wraps.  We were going to get some spray on tattoos but didn’t get there.  Maybe another time…

The weather is spectacular for swimming, around 30-33° and we really needed the break.  It is our last day in Orlando and we have really enjoyed the weather, accommodation and facilities.  We will be thinking and talking about this place for some time.


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