Tour of the City


With only one day left, we had lots of sights we still wanted to fit in. We bought tickets for a guided sightseeing hop-on/hop-off bus.  It is usually open-top and has a guide talking about the landmarks.  You can get off at any stop to have a look around and hop back on to another bus later to carry on the tour.  Great concept.  Most guides were great except one in particular.  She emptied the bus pretty quickly.  Most people just got off to wait for the next bus which is usually 10-15 minutes apart.

We’ve had a little rain in New York and this morning is quite foggy.  Visibility of the city is quite difficult so we didn’t go to the top of the Empire State Building.  It is the tallest building in NY since the Trade Centre Towers collapsed on 9-11.  They have rebuilt one of the buildings (Building 7) and they are currently up to floor 50 on the new “Freedom Tower”, which will exceed the height of the original Trade Centre Towers.

We also went to Battery Park and caught a cruise out to see the Statue of Liberty.  Man is that thing huge!  The pedestal alone is the height of a 10-storey building.

We also went to the Rockefeller Centre.  They we in the process of dismantling the outdoor ice skating rink they have in the courtyard.  The Rockefeller Plaza is absolutely huge.  I can’t get over how tall all of the buildings are in this city.  We dropped into the Lego Store next to the Rockefeller Centre and it was quite difficult to get Lil & Jem out of there.  Truth be known, I really needed them out of there before I got sucked in to stay.  Legos are fun man!

Got back to the hotel late in the afternoon.  The girls stayed with Annie for a rest there whilst I went back to Manny’s to order my new toy;  an American Standard Fender Stratocaster (as picture at the top of this page).  I have wanted to buy this guitar for about four or five years.  It was very nice buying it in the magical city of New York from the store where Dave Gilmour bought his signature guitar.  Sounds “mushy”, but I’m going for “cool”.

The highlight of the day is going to watch the New York Yankees play the Chicago White Sox.  We had to catch the Subway over to the Bronx where Yankee Stadium is.  What an awesome stadium!  Again, high-quality LCD advertising and scoreboards everywhere.  We had awesome seats and met a nice couple sitting behind us that were married on Balmoral Beach!  They kindly explained some rules and the stacks of stats and information on the scoreboards.  It was an exciting match, although low-scoring and the Yankees lost 0-2.  Fantastic night and so worth the effort to get there.



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