First Glimpse at New York


I could never really understand what all the fuss about New York was – until now.  We are 6 or 7 blocks from Time Square and it is the centre of activity and buzz.

This is an amazing city with just so much to do and see.  You can just stand on any corner in Manhattan watch people and traffic and it is so interesting!  Saying it like that might sound boring, but I can assure you it is not.  There are so many people and so many coloured electronic signs that there is too much to actually see.  There are 11,000 yellow cabs in New York and sometimes it feels like you can see a fair chunk of them in one street at any time!

Every street around here is numbered with the main “avenues” basically running NE to SW and “streets” crossing at right angles running NW to SE.  It is so easy to find what you are looking for because the “blocks” are quite small and everyone talks about addresses being with respect to a cross street like our hotel is on “7th and 53rd”.  We easily found our way around.  Some streets have names such as Broadway (where most of the shows are) and Madison (where all the bling shopping is done).

We went down to Times Square and visited the M&M Factory.  This was on Lilly’s must-see list when we were planning this trip.  This shop has three levels (yes, three) of M&M merchandise on some of the most expensive retail real estate in the world – and you can barely move in the store.  Unbelievable!

Jemma had her own personal mission to collect as many soft toys from as many places as possible.  She would be pleased to report that she practically fulfilled her mission!

We tracked down a music store that I had a special interest in seeing on West 48th between 6th and 7th called Sam Ash Music.  This used to be called Manny’s Music and is very famous.  All the big stars have been there, particularly through the 60’s and 70’s when 48th was called “Music Row”.  There were several recording studios close by.  Manny’s Music used to have a Wall of Frame where they had photos and notes from artists that visited and bought their instruments from there.  Some of the names were Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Bob Marley and none other than Dave Gilmour, who is probably my favourite guitarist and celebrity.  He is very humble and a decent bloke.  The guitar he bought from there in 1970 has become his signature guitar after some customisations.  Fender now manufacture his signature guitar will all the same customisations.  Pretty cool…

Jem was really tired by the end of this day and was happy for a shower and movie (Home Alone).  Annie & Lilly went to see Wicked the musical.  It was Lilly’s first show and she loved it.  Big day planned tomorrow!


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